Your Wig Shopper!

My Hair Loss Story

Medical Bases

Gripper Lace Wig

The Gripper is one of my favorite bases because it combines silicone that grips to my skin, after shaving my head, with a lace front that gives a realistic look at the hairline.

Thin Skin Base Wig

Thin Skin is a great base for those of us with a clean shaven head. The skin can be very thin, like paper, or thicker to hold heavy density long hair.

Silicone Base Wig

Silicone base is for serious wig wearers who want the realistic parting all over the head. The base is thicker and the hairline is not as realistic as a thin skin or full lace wig; but this unit needs very little adhesive to apply. It fits like a helmet.

Full Lace Wig

Full Lace Wigs come in several different styles. The one pictured is my favorite because as a bald woman I don't need combs, clips or elastic bands or straps. I apply this all around the hairline with adhesive.

Toppers & Toupees

Still have your bio hair on the sides and back; but need a little support on top?! Toppers for women and Toupees for men can do the trick.

Changing The Hair Game

Try something new! Hair loss can be Your Hair Gain!!

Most people feel that hair loss makes them less sexy or attractive...

The Lady

When you lose your hair due to medical reasons, it is different than cutting it all off yourself...

The Lady

Now I have taken back control over being bald or wearing a wig as my hair replacement system...

The Lady